Campus Printing Options

There are times when you need more options than black and white printing or you forgot to print an assignment out before heading to class. GatorPrint is a newly expanded service available to students, faculty and staff, with specialized printing services available at multiple locations.

You can use the Web or Email Print features of GatorPrint to create print jobs from your residence hall or even while on the bus, and then release your print job at any of the GatorPrint locations across campus. GatorPrint has over 50 locations across campus, including all the Smathers Libraries, Norman Hall, Levin College of Law, and all of UFIT’s learning spaces including the Hub. The Smathers libraries locations and 12 additional locations offer standard black-and-white printing, with the Smathers locations and four of the UFIT learning spaces offering color printing as well. Poster printing is available at Marston Science Library (ground floor, in Collaboration Commons), the Architecture Lab (first floor, room 118), and the Computer Sciences/Engineering (CSE-Room E235) labs. Printing costs are published in the UF Printing Services Pricing Guide.

Visit to find printing locations, guides for mobile printing, and more. Representatives are available at most locations to assist you with printing. You can also contact the UFIT Help Desk with questions or issues.

Survey Tools: New Options

Researchers at UF often need to survey large populations, utilize advanced survey distribution strategies, and implement specialized survey question types. For these complex needs, UFIT recommends using Qualtrics, available campus-wide. But sometimes faculty and staff need a lighter tool for quick surveys or to create administrative forms. UFIT created a new training–Survey Tools for Non-Research Use–to introduce Google Forms and Microsoft Forms, two easy-to-use applications for creating and distributing surveys and forms. UFIT’s next 1-hour Survey Tools for Non-Research Use training will be held on:

Wednesday, August 30
10:00-11:00 a.m.

Register here

This class will be taught monthly over Zoom. Visit the class homepage for more details, and check out UFIT’s Survey Tools webpage for a comparison of Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, and Qualtrics. Anyone with questions about this class or other IT training offered is welcome to email the UFIT Training team.

What Every Entering Gator Should Know

Welcome, new Gators! We know that adjusting to campus life is challenging, and it takes time. We have resources to facilitate your smooth transition before classes begin.

Looking for technical, academic, or administrative systems support? The UF Computing Help Desk can answer your questions regarding UF systems and services, including GatorMail, Canvas, eduroam, and UF’s VPN. Connect with the Help Desk by calling 352-392-HELP/4357, visiting 132 Hub (located across from the Starbucks), or submitting a ticket.

Use some time before the start of classes to watch UFIT’s Gator Students Playlist. Learn to use several UF tech services and steps to stay cybersafe. Your emotional and physical safety matters and yeah, UF has an app for that. Or two! Download the GatorSafe and the Whole Gator apps. GatorSafe allows you to view transportation information on SNAP, UF’s nighttime shuttle, and RTS, the city’s bus service. You can also get immediately connected to UF’s Police. The Whole Gator app provides wellness and mental health resources, recreation opportunities, and more. UF also provides an online campus map, useful for locating class locations and computer labs before the semester begins. UFIT is here for you, Gators! Let us know how we can help!

Tips for Importing Past Content in Canvas

Faculty often reuse past content by importing it into new e-Learning course shells. However, there are some vital considerations when dealing with imported course content:

Announcements and Calendar Events
When importing content, course-specific items like announcements and calendar events will be copied as well. To avoid unnecessary content, it’s recommended to use the “select specific content” option during the import process. This allows you to choose only the relevant parts of the course. In case you’ve already used “import all,” make sure to visit the announcement page and remove any announcements you won’t be reusing. For calendar events, access the Syllabus tool, locate the events in the course summary, and delete them from the event page, particularly if Zoom meetings are involved.

Groups and Group Assignments
During the course copy, existing group sets will merge into one set named ‘Project Groups’ and any group assignments or discussions will be associated with this group set. To prevent issues with group work, it’s essential to review all assignments and recreate the desired group sets as needed.

For further assistance in preparing your course, consider scheduling a one-on-one consultation with an e-Learning specialist by visiting

Tech Support For You: How Can We Help?

Welcome, or welcome back to campus!

New faculty and students, we know there are a lot of things to learn before the first day of term. While you are getting settled, rest assured that help with university systems access and general campus tech questions is just a phone call or short walk away. The UF Computing Help Desk (“Help Desk”) is
in the Hub, on Stadium Road between Century Tower and Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The Help Desk provides assistance with:

Account Support: Access to UF systems and services start with your GatorLink ID and password. If you experience any difficulties with your GatorLink access or need a password reset, just give the Help Desk a call or stop by.

Technical Support: Help Desk staff are happy to assist with wireless and VPN connectivity issues, GatorMail email questions, discounted software purchases, and more.

Systems Support: Help Desk consultants are experts in enterprise campus systems including Canvas, myUFL, ONE.UF, and other university applications and platforms. Need help using e-Learning or reporting time in myUFL? We’re here to help, Gators!

Call (352-392-HELP/4357), submit a help ticket, or stop by 132 Hub.

UF is #1 in LinkedIn Learning Usage

UFIT provides faculty, students, and staff with FREE year-round access to LinkedIn Learning, the online educational platform with 20,000+ courses available in 13 languages. Popular courses with Gators include Excel, project management, several programming languages, and marketing and branding courses. UF is once again ranked no. 1 in overall usage among colleges and universities with a campus-wide LinkedIn Learning contract. In fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023), the university community clocked in with more than 454,000 videos viewed and logged nearly 22,000 course viewing hours.

Courses are available in a variety of areas–technical, creative, and personal enrichment. In addition to what you’d expect–like spreadsheet and AutoCAD–there are courses like “Chair Yoga” and “Happiness Habits” that allow you to spend a few minutes each day on your well-being, perfect for busy professionals at UF! Users can also track course progress and customize their dashboard with LinkedIn Learning’s goal tracker. Those who prefer podcasts and audio books can listen to book summaries and enjoy a variety of recorded courses.

Whether you’re looking to learn Python, master Adobe Premiere Pro, or practice mindfulness, LinkedIn Learning has a video for you. Log in with GatorLink credentials to start your free access.

Supporting Students with New Online Services and Upgrades

The university’s fiscal year closed on June 30. A review of UFIT’s project portfolio shows many projects completed in FY23 designed to support student success. Among these, the following efforts show how UF prioritizes not just academic achievement, but accessibility, whole health well being, and financial aid support:

Implemented Scholarship Universe, matching students to thousands of UF and non-UF opportunities, and helping students apply for and receive scholarship awards quickly and easily
Developed an academic distress monitor that identifies undergraduates as early as week two of a term those likely to be placed upon academic probation or who might withdraw from the university
Supported 71 Quest program faculty by developing Coaching for Student Success, a resource hub to connect advising and staff who support coaching in different capacities
Implemented Graduway, a networking system allowing students to match up with mentors in UF’s network
Launched Whole Gator, a mobile application to curate programs and information to maximize student wellness
Advanced the Disability Resource Center (DRC) functions within Gator360. Advancements include a method for academic advisors to view students’ testing and academic accommodations created and managed by the DRC, giving academic advisors direct access to DRC accommodations data for the first time

Stay Up to Date on Campus IT

UF Information Technology (UFIT) provides updates on social media about new services, enhancements to existing services, the HiPerGator supercomputer and the research computing ecosystem, IT training opportunities, information security issues impacting higher ed and their effect on Gator Nation, IT-based university policies, and special events on campus with a tech flavor.

UFIT maintains Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Multiple updates are posted weekly on each channel. There is also a @GoGatorsUFIT YouTube channel, with more than 120 videos and curated playlists for Gator students, staff, instructional faculty, and on HiPerGator and its support of UF research.

Have a question about a service or information posted on a UFIT social media channel? You are welcome to email UFIT’s communications group at

Student Computing Requirements for UF

Computer access is integral to a student’s success. The University of Florida approved a Student Computing Requirements Policy to ensure students are prepared to handle their coursework.

The policy lists the following recommendations for students to consider prior to starting their academic career at UF:

Processor: Current generation Intel Core Series (i3, i5, i7, i9) or AMD Ryzen equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Storage: 256GB hard drive
Camera, microphone, and speakers
Wireless internet (WiFi)
Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer

Additional recommendations include:
1. Purchasing an extended warranty or accidental damage protection.
2. Not relying on a tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook as a primary device.

Students who prefer Apple devices should confirm that their academic program uses Windows-based applications and ensure their MacBook has at least 64GB available for installing Windows. UFIT also has a College Specific Requirements page that links to colleges with additional computing requirements. Students are advised to confirm with their home college for any updates to the minimum computing requirements, software apps required, or tech accessories to maximize their success.

Announced: 2022-23 Tech Fee Grants

Under the guidance of the Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee members and faculty director Dr. Jeremy Waisome, eight proposals were recommended. VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie approved eight proposals for 2022-23 Tech Fee funding:

Enhancing Access through Assistive Technology
Enhancing Student Learning through a Campus-Wide Podcasting Studio
uConnect: A One Stop Shop for the Future of Work
FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation Tool: Facilitating Collaborative Learning at UF
Enabling Interdisciplinary Advanced Sonic Instruction and Research
Arts & AI Virtual Workstation Studio
AI Education for Graduate Students at UF School of Architecture
Enabling Stunning Student Astrophotography through Innovative Use of Technology

The Student Technology Fee Grants program funds projects proposed by faculty, students, and staff focused on enhancing campus educational technology services. The creation of the MADE@UF virtual reality lab, modernization of the Pugh Hall Ocora, and the expansion of campus 3D printing options are just a few of the previously funded projects. Please contact Technology Fee Advisory Committee Support Administrator Anne Allen with questions about the proposal and selection process.