Free AI Micro-Credential Courses for Staff

Now is the time to increase your working knowledge of AI through professional development short courses offered by UF. The Provost’s Office is making the four-hour version of each course available to faculty and staff at no cost. The seven course topics, developed in collaboration with the Colleges of Business, Engineering, Liberal Art & Sciences, and Agricultural and Life Sciences, are:

1. Fundamentals of AI
2. Fundamentals of AI (STEM majors)
3. Applications of AI (Engineering)
4. Ethics of AI
5. Business and AI
6. Data Science and AI
7. Agricultural & Life Sciences and AI

The courses were developed to provide a foundation in machine learning and its impacts across a range of careers and disciplines. The micro-credential option provides a way to learn the lexicon of artificial intelligence, its current uses, and understand the near-limitless possibilities of the AI-supported environment. Upon successful completion of the assessments in the course, participants are eligible to earn a certificate of completion and 0.4 continuing education units (CEUs). To register, visit

The discount code for UF faculty and staff is available by emailing Dr. Regina Rodriguez. Anyone wanting more information on the AI micro-credential, or who has questions about the registration process, may also contact Dr. Rodriguez.

Identifying Deepfake Videos

Misleading content online becomes more sophisticated with each technology advancement. One type of “fake news” becoming more prominent across all social channels is the deepfake, a video that’s been modified to make the subject appear to be doing or saying something they did not.

Deepfake videos are made to fool viewers for a variety of reasons including political agendas, financial gain, to embarrass someone or a group, or to use for blackmail. Public figures can be made to say things they never said, inciting viewers or followers to think a certain way and take action based on misinformation. A viral deepfake video supposedly of Tom Cruise has more than a million views. Here’s a breakdown by the video’s creator on how he utilized AI to construct the video: DeepTomCruise TikTok Breakdown.

It is possible to identify some deepfake videos by noticing changes in skin tone, jerky facial movements, or lip movements that do not match dialogue. But as the technology improves these clues could become even harder to spot. If you have concerns about the authenticity of a video purporting to be from UF, please contact the department posting the video or send your concern to the UFIT Help Desk.

Earn AI Micro-Credential Through UF

Enabling the workforce of tomorrow with artificial intelligence skills is one of the tenets of the University of Florida’s AI Initiative. To support organizations successfully managing the AI transformation in the workplace, UF is now offering the opportunity to earn a micro-credential in AI.

Offered through the Office of Professional and Workforce Development (OPWD), all courses in the program are online. Earning the AI micro-credential provides alumni, community members, and faculty and staff a way to develop their foundation in machine learning and its impacts across a range of careers and disciplines. Designed for working professionals, the program is an affordable way to learn the lexicon of artificial intelligence, its current uses, and understand the near-limitless possibilities of the AI-supported environment–all within UF standards of course delivery and content.

The micro-credential is earned after completing two required courses and a self-selected focus area course. The two required courses (each a 15-hour commitment) teach key concepts and foundations of artificial intelligence. Upon completion of the required courses, participants select a focus area to earn their AI micro-credential and badge, which can be displayed on LinkedIn or other online portfolio.

Anyone wanting more information on the AI micro-credential is welcome to contact the OPWD’s Director, Andrew Campbell.

Infusing AI Into the Undergraduate Experience

According to a study by Gartner, artificial intelligence (AI) job creation will reach two million net-new jobs in 2025. To prepare graduates for an AI-enabled workforce, UF has begun integrating AI across the curriculum. Every student now has the opportunity to develop a competency in AI regardless of their field of study.

Several new and existing courses include AI in their syllabi. The UF AI website provides a list of all AI-related majors, minors, and courses. Students can also complete a certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications. The program is available for undergraduates of all majors, and requires a fundamentals course, an ethics course, and one college-specific course.

To learn about applications of AI across the university, students can attend seminars, workshops, and other events. The Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) is hosting a virtual Artificial Intelligence in Research workshop on April 14, from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Denisse Ventura, one of the CUR ambassadors organizing the event, said that all current undergraduates could benefit from understanding AI:

“Not only would students be equipped with skills that can make them more competitive in the job market, but they would also bring unique perspectives that can better diversify the growing research area.”

Sharing UF’s AI Journey with the World

Enhancements to UF’s website (AI) debuted on January 26. The site now more fully showcases UF’s commitment to integrate AI across academic, research, and outreach efforts. The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing partnered with UFIT’s Web Services to bring about the site enhancements.

“The story we want to share digitally is one that encompasses all aspects of AI at UF,” notes Melanie Schramm, assistant vice president for strategic communications. “UF’s AI Initiative touches on every aspect of the university. Working with UFIT, this site will help us share information and discoveries with stakeholders around the world.”

The new design features a restructured homepage with content blocks dedicated to university-wide research and announcements. Two new tabs have been added: the Industry tab details UF’s investments in solidifying its role as the first “AI University,” while the News tab lists updates and events from departments and units. Students can also check out the chart on the Academics tab that lists all new and enhanced undergraduate and graduate courses that include AI components. The popular Calendar link lists the symposia, trainings, webinars, and other events focusing on AI across the enterprise. UF Human Resources also has a Jobs page dedicated solely to the AI-focused faculty and staff positions available with the university.