Earn AI Micro-Credential Through UF

GRAPHIC: "UF" and "AI" in the HiPerGator font.

Enabling the workforce of tomorrow with artificial intelligence skills is one of the tenets of the University of Florida’s AI Initiative. To support organizations successfully managing the AI transformation in the workplace, UF is now offering the opportunity to earn a micro-credential in AI.

Offered through the Office of Professional and Workforce Development (OPWD), all courses in the program are online. Earning the AI micro-credential provides alumni, community members, and faculty and staff a way to develop their foundation in machine learning and its impacts across a range of careers and disciplines. Designed for working professionals, the program is an affordable way to learn the lexicon of artificial intelligence, its current uses, and understand the near-limitless possibilities of the AI-supported environment–all within UF standards of course delivery and content.

The micro-credential is earned after completing two required courses and a self-selected focus area course. The two required courses (each a 15-hour commitment) teach key concepts and foundations of artificial intelligence. Upon completion of the required courses, participants select a focus area to earn their AI micro-credential and badge, which can be displayed on LinkedIn or other online portfolio.

Anyone wanting more information on the AI micro-credential is welcome to contact the OPWD’s Director, Andrew Campbell.