Updated Info Security Training for 2023

Just in time for the new academic year! UF’s Information Security Office has updated its mandatory annual training. Faculty and staff will receive an email reminder on their one-year anniversary of their previous training completion date, but can take the training any time. There are six modules in the training and they take approximately 35-45 minutes to complete. Visit this page to take the training.

The number one cause for compromised GatorLink accounts is when a student, faculty, or staff member opens and responds to a phishing email.

Students can take the phishing module that’s part of the full training. The stand-alone phishing module is a great way to become better informed about how cyber-criminals operate. Now that you’ll be interacting with campus departments and faculty (who cyber-criminals will try to impersonate), students are strongly encouraged to learn how phishing works. Students can find the link to the phishing module training in the ONE.UF menu. The 15-20 minutes you invest in taking the phishing training can pay off in a big way when you learn how to spot and report malicious emails, instead of opening one and inadvertently bringing on a world of hurt on yourself…and potentially your university.

iClicker Cloud Training Offered March 23

UFIT is coordinating an iClicker Cloud training, open to both novice and seasoned users. Taught by an iClicker company representative, this FREE training is open to all UF faculty:

iClicker Cloud Training
Thursday, March 23
10:00-11:30 a.m. (via Zoom)

Registration Link

iClicker Cloud is a learning platform that improves student engagement in a variety of ways. The learning tool includes both synchronous and asynchronous options such as polling, quizzing, and assignments, and seamlessly integrates with Canvas. Regardless of class size or delivery method, iClicker can help instructors increase attendance and participation, provide instant feedback, and identify knowledge gaps in real-time.

Please email ufit-training@ufl.edu for more information about the iClicker Cloud training or about any other offering on the UFIT training schedule.

Free AI Micro-Credential Courses for Staff

Now is the time to increase your working knowledge of AI through professional development short courses offered by UF. The Provost’s Office is making the four-hour version of each course available to faculty and staff at no cost. The seven course topics, developed in collaboration with the Colleges of Business, Engineering, Liberal Art & Sciences, and Agricultural and Life Sciences, are:

1. Fundamentals of AI
2. Fundamentals of AI (STEM majors)
3. Applications of AI (Engineering)
4. Ethics of AI
5. Business and AI
6. Data Science and AI
7. Agricultural & Life Sciences and AI

The courses were developed to provide a foundation in machine learning and its impacts across a range of careers and disciplines. The micro-credential option provides a way to learn the lexicon of artificial intelligence, its current uses, and understand the near-limitless possibilities of the AI-supported environment. Upon successful completion of the assessments in the course, participants are eligible to earn a certificate of completion and 0.4 continuing education units (CEUs). To register, visit https://pwd.aa.ufl.edu/ai/courses/.

The discount code for UF faculty and staff is available by emailing Dr. Regina Rodriguez. Anyone wanting more information on the AI micro-credential, or who has questions about the registration process, may also contact Dr. Rodriguez.

R Training for Data Mining and Analysis

R has become the default software for data mining and analysis. R is now as ubiquitous for data applications as Excel is in business and administrative functions. UFIT is once again offering its popular R training this summer, in a free training program from May 31 – July 29.

Learn more and register.

Participants in UFIT’s R training can apply what they learn to their research and academic activities, as Spring 2022 attendee Opeyemi Adedoja, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Entomology and Nematology, has been able to:

“Thank you so much for providing the detailed lectures, I gained a lot from the training and have applied R in several capacities. The R course gave me practical understanding of this programming language and I am now more confident when applying the basic operations in my daily work. Also, I have always found logistic regression a very difficult analysis to compute and interpret in R. Your course gave me a clear picture of this topic and I understand it much better now.”

UFIT is also offering SPSS and Sample Power 3 this summer from May 9 – July 1. Anyone with questions about these offerings may contact UFIT trainer Dr. Jose Silva-Lugo.