Infusing AI Into the Undergraduate Experience

According to a study by Gartner, artificial intelligence (AI) job creation will reach two million net-new jobs in 2025. To prepare graduates for an AI-enabled workforce, UF has begun integrating AI across the curriculum. Every student now has the opportunity to develop a competency in AI regardless of their field of study.

Several new and existing courses include AI in their syllabi. The UF AI website provides a list of all AI-related majors, minors, and courses. Students can also complete a certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications. The program is available for undergraduates of all majors, and requires a fundamentals course, an ethics course, and one college-specific course.

To learn about applications of AI across the university, students can attend seminars, workshops, and other events. The Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) is hosting a virtual Artificial Intelligence in Research workshop on April 14, from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Denisse Ventura, one of the CUR ambassadors organizing the event, said that all current undergraduates could benefit from understanding AI:

“Not only would students be equipped with skills that can make them more competitive in the job market, but they would also bring unique perspectives that can better diversify the growing research area.”