2024 Tech Fair

The annual Tech Fair is an opportunity for all students–undergrads, graduate, and professional students– regardless of major, to learn about IT services and support available to them during their UF career. The 2024 Tech Fair will be held on:

Wednesday, Feb. 28

10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Marston Breezeway – CSE Plaza

This year’s experiential event focuses on helping students utilize AI and online tools to get to the next level. Get information about a variety of tech as well as tech support (such as account questions or getting fast secure campus Wi-Fi on your phone) during the event. Have you thought about what it might take to get that coveted internship? Check out Tech Fair and see how managing your online portfolio or completing a LinkedIn Learning career path might get your name on the top of that internship list! You can also see some of the technologies available in Marston, get tips on setting up a great GitHub presence, and meet with a Career Connections Center rep who will answer your questions and show you how to use their online resources.

As always, Tech Fair also means prizes and this year UF Information Technology has several available! Stop by the welcome tent and learn how you could win Apple Air Tags, a JALL smart wakeup light, Beats, a JBL Bluetooth speaker, water bottles, and more. See you Feb. 28 on the plaza, Gators!

Tools and Services in ONE.UF

There is are abundance of tasks that faculty, students, and staff can complete in ONE.UF.

Faculty and staff can approve time, check campus news feeds, review account balances and any bills or fees due, oversee research project information, and find volunteer opportunities that match their interest and time availability. Instructional faculty can also check their course teaching schedule and enter final grades.

Students can review the current list of available courses, register for courses, view their grades, and order a transcript. Students can also complete the Information Security Office phishing training module, search volunteer opportunities, and check their bursar’s balance.

All faculty, students, and staff can also schedule Covid-19 vaccinations through the ONE.UF portal and find the latest Covid-19 information for campus as well.

Anyone needing assistance using ONE.UF may contact the UFIT Help Desk: Visit 132 Hub, email helpdesk@ufl.edu, or call 352-392-HELP/4357.

Storage Transition for Graduating Gators

As commencement draws near, graduating students should prepare to separate from campus IT services. This includes content stored in UF GatorCloud apps and UFApps, as well as GatorMail. Students separating from the university transition to alumni status 365 days after their last semester taking classes. While you prepare to graduate, make time to move files before your access becomes limited.

GatorCloud: Files saved to UF OneDrive, Google Suite, and/or Dropbox services are accessible for up to 365 days after graduation. Relocate your files to a personal storage location to avoid losing important information.
UFApps: UFApps is not intended to be a long-term storage solution. Be sure to save any coursework files you want to keep to a personal external storage system before leaving UF.
GatorMail: GatorMail: After 365 days, graduating students are no longer eligible for GatorMail. Using your GatorMail address for third-party accounts will cause access problems, so change your login address to another email account.

Contact the UFIT Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357) for assistance with any of service transitions listed here. Congratulations to the class of 2022, and Go Gators!

Ten IT Services for Undergrads

There’s a lot to learn during your first semester, from where classes are to managing e-Learning assignments. Technology enables living and learning at UF, and UFIT is here to support your academic journey. While you’ll discover more over the next few years, here are 10 IT services to discover now to help maximize your UF experience.

Anyone with questions about these services may contact the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357, helpdesk@ufl.edu, and HUB first floor).

1. UF Computing Help Desk: Speaking of getting help from the Help Desk, the staff have you covered for all things technical at UF. There are self-help resources on their website and have 24/7 assistance for things like password resets.
2. Canvas: UF’s e-Learning platform where you access quizzes, assignments, and more.
3. ONE.UF: The campus portal to register for classes, viewing and ordering transcripts, and resources like phishing training.
4. GatorMail: UF’s official email service for contacting instructors, administrative staff, and fellow students.
5. Eduroam: A secure wireless network for on- and off-campus connectivity. Protect yourself and UF, Gators! Stay on secure wireless.
6. Discounted Software: Learn what software packages Gators can purchase at a discount.
7. UFApps: A collection of more than 190 applications available 24/7 FREE for students.
8. GatorCloud: UF’s cloud-based collaboration with high volume storage options.
9. LinkedIn Learning: UFIT underwrites the cost of membership for Gators to access 15,000+ courses for FREE.
10. Mobile Printing: Learn how to print on the go from over 50 campus locations.

Returning to Campus Facilitated by UFIT

Through mid-April, UF Information Technology has allocated more than 10,000 staff hours in support of UF Health’s Screen, Test & Protect initiative. Under UF Health leadership, UFIT quickly worked to understand the procedural requirements as well the data, reports, and dashboards needed to support this once-in-a-generation undertaking. Data privacy and FERPA/HIPAA compliance remained at the forefront of all staff efforts. Some curated numbers (through April 12) include:

Nearly 80,000 UF community members submitting more than 556,000 screening forms and scheduling more than 282,000 COVID-19 tests
More than 90 jobs running each day in support of data reporting needs, executing 2,700+ steps to process information from UF Health and UF enterprise systems
Enabling a waitlist allowing 111,000 individuals to register for the vaccine, and scheduling more than 85,000 vaccinations. Online forms were created via a collaboration with the Florida Department of Health in Alachua County and UF Health

A fuller context and detail of the work undertaken by UFIT to support return to campus efforts is available on the Senior VP and Chief Operation Officer’s website.

Protecting UF: Mandatory Information Security Training

In 2019, audits were conducted of the state’s 12 public universities. The report recommended that the University of Florida enhance its existing information security awareness program with mandatory annual faculty and staff training. This summer, UFIT developed a new training program to meet the Florida Board of Governors recommendation.

“Protecting UF: Information Security Training” consists of four modules: phishing awareness, restricted data, cloud and sharing tools, and general safeguards. Training takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete and is mandatory for faculty and staff. Emails will deploy from the myTraining portal in the next few days notifying the UF community that training is available. Training must be completed by the close of the fall 2020 semester, with the annual reminder date for re-certification based upon the initial completion date. As part of the Protecting UF program, in January all enrolled students will see a “to do” reminder in ONE.UF to take the phishing awareness training.

This effort is part of a larger program to inform the UF community on how to protect teaching, learning, research, and online activities. Please visit the Information Security Office website for additional information on this training and other security topics.