Upgrading the User Experience: New IT Ticketing System Debuts July 9

The University of Florida will transition to a new enterprise IT ticketing system in July 2024.

After garnering feedback from several IT units from across campus, UF Information Technology (UFIT) convened a search committee to evaluate the leading products available to support a large, complex, and diverse campus. The committee selected TeamDynamix (TDX) to replace Cherwell as the university’s IT ticketing platform. UFIT’s implementation timeline includes a documentation release, sandbox availability, a training schedule to accommodate live and on-demand needs, and a short period where both systems will be live. A TeamDynamix webpage is available with a brief overview of TDX’s capabilities, along with two short overview videos for technical staff and end-users.

Implementation Timeline:

June 10: Initial documentation for TeamDynamix is distributed to all current system users and posted on the website.

June 17: Access to TeamDynamix sandbox environment opens.

June 24: Live, Zoom-based training held throughout the week. 

June 28: Recordings of Zoom training sessions are distributed.

July 9: Go-live of the TeamDynamix production environment.  All new IT support tickets will be created in TeamDynamix as of this date.  The Cherwell system remains available for staff to work and close existing tickets.

July 30: Any remaining Cherwell tickets will be ported into TeamDynamix. Cherwell access will be terminated on this date.

While the application is changing, IT support processes will remain similar to current processes. Where possible, familiar terminology, classifications, and functionality will be implemented. The campus community will still be able to submit a help ticket by email, web portal, API, or in person at the Help Desk, across from the Starbucks in the Hub. Anyone with questions about the timeline to switch to TeamDynamix is welcome to contact UFIT’s service management team (itsm-team@ufl.edu).

Memorial Day: Adjusted Hours at the Help Desk & Learning Spaces  

The UFIT Help Desk and Learning Spaces will have adjusted support hours during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

All UFIT Learning Spaces (Architecture, CSE, Weil Hall, Norman Hall, and the Hub) will close at 5 p.m. Friday, May 24, and reopen Tuesday, May 28, at their respective opening times. Marston Science Library will also have adjusted hours during the holiday weekend but will be open on Memorial Day from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.

The UFIT Help Desk will have normal business hours and support services through the weekend but will be closed with limited phone support available on Monday, May 27. Walk-in assistance will be available again on Tuesday, May 28, at 7 a.m.

As always, please visit UFIT’s self-help page for general troubleshooting instructions and video resources.

The Personal Cost of a Cyberattack

The digitalization of our lives leaves us vulnerable to malicious attempts from cybercriminals to steal, expose, or destroy our personal and sensitive information through cyberattacks. As new technologies evolve, so do the tactics used to target individuals, including ransomware, credential theft, and more sophisticated social engineering scams. These attacks are increasing worldwide, with Check Point Research revealing a 38% global increase from 2021 to 2022 — affecting an average of one in three Americans.

So, what could a cyberattack cost you? Research from the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies found victims of cybercrime experience psychological impacts, such as anxiety, anger, and embarrassment, even if the attack didn’t result in monetary loss. A compromised account or hacked device can quickly escalate from an inconvenience to a financial stressor. Phishing, the top reported cybercrime to the FBI in 2022, cost victims an average of $173 per attack. UFIT’s Secure the Swamp video highlights the experiences of three UF students who fell victim to phishing attacks, with one attack resulting in their financial aid being stolen.

A common theme amongst malware and phishing attempts is malicious links and the attacker’s use of personally identifiable information that tricks you into giving your password. You can use GatorMail’s URL decoder to make sure the site you plan to visit is safe. And remember: No one from UF will ever ask you for your GatorLink password!

A cyberattack can disrupt your life with serious repercussions. The best way to protect yourself from a cyberattack is to be informed and practice safe cyber routines. View UFIT’s resources on the best practices to help protect yourself from malicious cyber activity.