What Your Primary Affiliation Means for Digital Access at UF

The University of Florida’s large and diverse population is comprised of students, faculty, and staff. But there are many other primary roles (known as ‘affiliations’) in our Gator community, and everyone’s affiliation determines what digital services they are entitled to access. Some of these additional primary UF affiliations include emeritus faculty member, consultant, community members who use UF libraries, authorized vendors, and newly admitted students not yet enrolled.

UFIT has an updated webpage showing which affiliations can use the following provisioned services.

UF Email Eligible365 LicenseDropboxGooglePower BI ProZoomVPNEduroam

UFIT maintains the list of primary affiliations for the university. Anyone with questions about their affiliation or the assigned affiliation of a new hire or former employee is encouraged to chat with their department security administrator (DSA).

Prepare for Hurricane Ian

With Hurricane Ian potentially impacting much of the State of Florida, now is the time to prepare while it is still in the Gulf of Mexico. Gators, know that updated news about campus closings and other important information is available at https://updates.emergency.ufl.edu/. This link is also featured as the top header on UF’s homepage and will remain so throughout this weather emergency.

Here are some tech recommendations to consider when campus is in the path of a storm:

Conserve your laptop battery by exiting out of unused apps and turning on your device’s power-saving mode. Contact your local IT staff if you need assistance making these changes
Connect with your area’s building emergency coordinator for directions on how to secure work areas prior to a weather event or university closing
Update your desktop phone’s voicemail so colleagues have an alternative method for contacting you if necessary. Check out UFIT’s Unity Phones help page for setting up and accessing voicemail when away from the office
Back up important work files using one of UF’s free cloud storage options, like UF Dropbox or OneDrive

Stay safe, Gators!

Free Storage and Collaboration Tools

Access to cloud-based collaboration tools has been essential for UF’s successful transition to hybrid campus life. In case you didn’t know, all students, faculty, and staff with active GatorLink credentials can get UF-Dropbox, G-Suite, and OneDrive from the GatorCloud. The advantage to using the versions UFIT provides is that you get an additional layer of security with your UF account and unlimited Dropbox and Google Drive storage! There is a very helpful chart on the GatorCloud homepage outlining what you get with each service. UFIT also recently published a new video overview of GatorCloud services.

In addition to UF-Dropbox, G-Suite, and OneDrive, GatorCloud also includes Office 365 and GatorMail. Want to learn how to make the most of these apps? Take advantage of your free LinkedIn Learning account to watch just in time training, like “Google Apps: Tips, Tricks and Techniques“, and “Team Collaboration in Office 365.”

Anyone in the UF community with questions about using GatorCloud applications or help accessing LinkedIn Learning for free may contact the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357, helpdesk@ufl.edu).