Revised UFApps File Storage Policy

The UFApps M:drive is designed for files actively being used and not intended to be a long-term storage solution. Beginning in January 2022, UFApps users with files stored on the M:drive will have their current files archived in a new O:Drive titled “Old UFApps M Drive.” Any file two years old or more will be purged starting January 1, 2023. Then, each December, files on the current M:Drive will be migrated to the O:Drive, and the old O:Drive archive will be purged. UFApps users will always have access to two calendar years’ worth of their M: drive files, the current year and the previous year. Also, to better reflect that it is temporary storage space, this December, the M:StudentFileStorage drive will be renamed M:UFAppsTempStorage.

UFApps users should make a habit of transferring files to another storage option. The easiest way to transfer files is to map your UFApps account to your GatorCloud account via Kumo. Visit the UFApps “start using Kumo” page to learn how. Another option is to move files with a flash drive.

Faculty, please remember that UFApps R:Drive set-up must be requested for each course every semester. Anyone who needs help with UFApps may contact the UF Computing Help Desk (132 HUB, 352-392-HELP/4357,

Free Storage and Collaboration Tools

Access to cloud-based collaboration tools has been essential for UF’s successful transition to hybrid campus life. In case you didn’t know, all students, faculty, and staff with active GatorLink credentials can get UF-Dropbox, G-Suite, and OneDrive from the GatorCloud. The advantage to using the versions UFIT provides is that you get an additional layer of security with your UF account and unlimited Dropbox and Google Drive storage! There is a very helpful chart on the GatorCloud homepage outlining what you get with each service. UFIT also recently published a new video overview of GatorCloud services.

In addition to UF-Dropbox, G-Suite, and OneDrive, GatorCloud also includes Office 365 and GatorMail. Want to learn how to make the most of these apps? Take advantage of your free LinkedIn Learning account to watch just in time training, like “Google Apps: Tips, Tricks and Techniques“, and “Team Collaboration in Office 365.”

Anyone in the UF community with questions about using GatorCloud applications or help accessing LinkedIn Learning for free may contact the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357,