Intern with UFIT–15 Paid Summer Positions

UFIT has a year-round paid internship program for students to gain experience in a variety of IT fields. Internships are now posted online for Summer 2023: Students do not have to be majoring in computer science or other technology-focused program to intern with UFIT.

Computer science junior Lauren Bartyczak (pictured), hopes her experience as an enterprise resource planning intern helps to launch a career in software engineering.

“This position has given me experience navigating and understanding a system much larger and more complex than anything I have encountered in school. Having to learn the system, and my role within it, in a short period of time is something I think will prove to be valuable anytime I need to learn a new skill for future jobs.”

Shaina Desroches, a digital arts and sciences in engineering freshman, interns with UFIT’s communications group. Her career goal is to work in user experience design and software development.

“This opportunity has furthered my understanding of how information about technology can spread. By creating information to target users, I increased the likeliness that users would interact with technology based off their response to media I created.”