Helpful e-Learning Tips for Students

The university’s online and in-person teaching and learning environment is once again in full swing. To help students make the most of their time learning online, UFIT created several short videos highlighting features in Canvas e-Learning in one minute or less:

1. Do’s and Don’ts for Using the Canvas e-Learning App
Know when to use the app or the web version.

2. Connecting Your Canvas e-Learning Calendar to Your Phone/Desktop Calendar
Never miss a deadline by syncing your Canvas calendar to a desktop/mobile calendar.

3. Viewing Grades in Canvas e-Learning
See all grades in one place instead of opening each course.

4. Using the Calendar Feature in Canvas e-Learning
Add personal to-do items and keep track of assignment deadlines by course.

We have a great team of e-Learning support specialists who can answer your questions about Canvas e-Learning. Call them at 352-392-HELP/4357 or email

Free Microsoft Office Downloads for All Students

NOTE: This news item was originally published in July, 2012.
For current information about getting your multiple free copies of Office 365, visit:


UF is partnering with e-academy’s On The Hub service to provide free Microsoft software downloads for students. Among the software suites available are:

■ Microsoft Office 2013
■ Microsoft Office 2010
■ Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Free software downloads are available to all enrolled undergraduate, graduate, law, and medical students. Visit e-academy’s On The Hub site to initiate a download or learn more about the program. Free e-academy downloads are supported directly by e-academy’s On The Hub support team.

The UF Computing Help Desk Wiki has very useful information on using the On The Hub service. Look under: FAQ Topics > Software & Licenses > How Do I Use… doc. It is recommended that students review this “how-to” document prior to downloading.

Students can also purchase MS Office for $15 at four campus locations: the UF Computing Help Desk in the HUB, and at the Reitz Union, UFHealth, and Levin College of Law Bookstores. Students that utilize On The Hub to download MS Office online are not be eligible to purchase a physical copy for $15.

Visit UFIT’s software page to view a complete list of software available for purchase at UF discounted rates.