Learn to Use SPSS & Sample Power 3

An instructor-led SPSS & Sample Power 3 course will be offered in Spring 2024. The course, a free offering from UF Information Technology (UFIT), is open to all faculty, postdoctoral candidates, graduate students, and staff that have completed at least one graduate-level statistics course.

To register, visit UFIT’s training website and type ‘SPSS’ in the Search by Keyword box. The Spring 2024 course dates are January 16 to March 15, 2024. The course is comprised of seven modules. Participants will learn to:

● Navigate the SPSS & Sample Power interface
● Create and import datasets
● Conduct exploratory data analysis
● Create different types of charts
● Transform data
● Perform inferential statistics for the mean, proportion, and categorical variables
● Carry out bivariate linear regression, correlation, and multiple linear regression
● Perform analysis of variances, analysis of covariance, and logistic regression
● Conduct Power Analysis for each statistical test

Anyone with questions about UFIT’s SPSS & Sample Power 3 course is welcome to contact the course’s trainer, Dr. Jose Silva-Lugo.