Teaching TechXploration – Fall 2022

Explore the intersections of technology and teaching at the Fall 2022 Teaching TechXploration. The event is on Wednesday, Nov. 9, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Registration is open and free to the UF community.

The virtual, conference-style Teaching TechXploration will be held via Microsoft Teams. The format features 30-minute presentations on educational technologies and solutions to teaching challenges, as well as sessions for instructors to practice new strategies. Presentation topics include:

Applying UX Principles to Design Human-Centered Courses
Using NameCoach to demonstrate a commitment to equity and inclusion
Zoom into Whiteboarding
Tips for teaching with Microsoft Teams
Survey Tools for Teaching & Learning
New Tools in Learning Analytics and Assessment
Troubleshooting Assignment Alignment
Creating Interactive Widgets using Lumi and H5P
Video Resources

Instructors, instructional designers, and graduate students with teaching loads can all benefit from attending and learning about new services before fully solidifying their teaching plans for the spring term. Once registered, registrants will be added to the Teams site where the event will be held. Anyone with questions about this year’s TechXploration may contact UFIT’s Associate Director for Teaching and Learning Technology, Ryan Yang.