Just-in-Time Videos for Campus IT

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UF is a large and complex university with many technical services and providers across multiple campuses. While each college has localized information technology (IT) support and specialized equipment for their faculty and students, UFIT is the provider of centralized IT services. These services are often referrred to as enterprise IT, and a catalog of services offered is available at https://it.ufl.edu/services/. To help support your success at UF, UFIT has YouTube video channel playlists for instructional faculty and students. Each playlist has 20+ videos on a variety of topics, with more videos added each month:

Gator Students Playlist

Instructional Faculty Playlist

Development of a research channel is underway and planned for rollout this year. There are more than 130 videos currently available on the UFIT YouTube channel. Suggestions for additional “how to” videos are welcome! Please email them to UFIT Communications.