Highest Attendance Yet for Tech Fair

PHOTO: UF Innovation Academy students at the 2020 Student Tech Fair, Jan. 23. 2020

Schedule an event about tech services at UF and they will come: There were 4,566 student interactions recorded at the 2020 Tech Fair! Students asked for advice on topics ranging from two-factor authentication, how to earn badges with
LinkedIn Learning and details on the expanded list of items available for checkout at Marston.

“I learned about a lot of services today, and I am so excited that SolidWorks is in UFApps!” said Sophie Williams, a freshman biological engineering major. “It was also interesting to learn about the part-time IT job opportunities on campus. It’s just so great to be at UF and a part of this!”

2020 marks the sixth year of Tech Fair and included two new focuses: Advertising the campus tech jobs that students could apply for on the spot, and serving as an introduction to IT support and services for Innovation Academy students, who are on campus for the spring and summer terms. Photos from the 2020 Student Tech Fair will be posted on UFIT’s Facebook page and the raffle prize winners will be notified on Monday, Jan 27. Anyone with questions about the event is welcome to contact UFIT Communications.