Free Statistical Training Offered by UFIT

GRAPHIC: SPSS & R Training

Two FREE, fully online statistical trainings are available in spring 2022. Faculty, postdoctoral researchers, staff, TAs, and graduate students can learn to perform statistical analyses on while earning a certificate in SPSS and SamplePower 3, or in the R programming language. These instructor-led and self-paced trainings utilize the software through practical application and hands-on exercises. Pre-registration is required for both offerings. Anyone with questions about either training may email Senior IT Training Specialist Jose Silva-Lugo

SPSS and SamplePower 3
Jan. 5 – Feb. 25 | Register: Use the keyword: SPSS
• Navigate the SPSS & Sample Power interface
• Create and import datasets
• Conduct exploratory data analysis
• Create different types of charts
• Transform data
• Perform inferential statistics for the mean, proportion, and categorical variables
• Carry out bivariate linear regression, correlation and multiple linear regression
• Perform analysis of variances, analysis of covariance and logistic regression
• Conduct Power Analysis for each statistical test

R Programming Training: An Introduction for Data Analysis and Graphics
Feb. 22 – Apr. 15 | Register: Use the keyword: Programming
• Introduction to R
• Data preparation
• Exploratory data analysis
• Mean and median comparison
• ANOVA, correlation, and linear regression
• Multiple linear regression
• Proportion comparison
• Logistic regression