Use Campus Wait Times to Learn About IT

Here’s a great way to use the time spent waiting for a Chick-fil-A or Starbucks order: there are more than 100 videos available on UFIT’s YouTube channel. All videos are captioned so you can watch without needing your earbuds–we don’t want you to miss your name or number being called while waiting for your order! UFIT has videos on a variety of topics, from getting the most when using Canvas and learning about the IT services available, to protecting important files like papers and photos. Here’s a sample of the 100+ videos you can watch while on that RTS bus or in line for campus food:

Online Scams, Phishing

1. Scams Targeting UF’s International Community
2. Calling a Foul on Phishing
3. Become More Cyber Aware, Gators!

IT Services at UF

1. UFApps
2. Make the Most of Your UF-Provided LinkedIn Learning Account
3. Learn What’s Available in UFIT Labs & Learning Spaces

Reach out to UFIT Communications if there is a campus tech topic you’d like to learn more about. We’ll locate resources for you, or maybe film a video based on your suggestion!