Full Service Video Production For UF

UFIT Video Productions offers in-studio and location production services for faculty and staff.  The production studio facility, located on the second floor of the Hub, features a variety of video recording tools to enhance your academic and outreach videos, and a team with multimedia expertise to assist you. Whether you need to record lectures for a course or create a department video for recruiting faculty or students, consider UFIT your one-stop shop for all things digital and video production!

Faculty and staff can request full-service studio production services or utilize the On-Demand Studio to self-record. UFIT can also film anywhere on campus to make your welcome video, alumni spotlight, interview feature, and department tour videos really stand out. A recent addition to our services is 360 video capabilities. Some examples of recent work are available on the Video Production Sizzle page.

Please submit the CITT’s https://citt.ufl.edu/request-assistance/ form to get started with a video project.  On behalf of UFIT, we look forward to working with you!

Campus-Wide Message: Ransomware and Phishing

Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie emailed all UF faculty, students, and staff this morning with facts about ransomware and phishing. Eldayrie also listed some key success indicators for securing campus, like a decrease in compromised accounts and the increase in reporting potential phishing emails, made possible because of the campus’s buy-in and involvement on cybersecurity issues. The statistics Eldayrie shared are:

Unauthorized Account Usage
Since implementation of multi-factor authentication, UF has seen a 99.7% decrease in compromised accounts
Since installation of the phish alert button into GatorMail, faculty, students, and staff have reported more than 14,500 suspicious emails, leading to fewer successful phishing attempts
IT Security Risks
Since launching the new risk assessment process in 2016, 5,200+ risk assessments have been submitted by faculty and staff prior to technology purchase, allowing for review of security gaps and risk

UFIT engages in year-round training and outreach to help UF better understand information security risks, like what to look for before clicking on links in emails–especially those with the [External Email] banner. President Fuchs also recorded a video about ransomware and phishing to support outreach efforts. View the President’s video here.

Additional resources to help our campus community securely teach, learn, research, and conduct university business are listed on https://security.ufl.edu/resources/.