Cancer Patient Dataset Available

To expedite clinical data delivery, UF Health’s data experts recently introduced ready-for-use, UF Institutional Review Board-approved patient record registries so faculty and staff can advance medical knowledge and the delivery of care.

UF Health Integrated Data Repository Research Services released a new dataset featuring details about more than 300,000 patients diagnosed with or suspected of having cancer at UF Health since Jan. 1, 2012. The dataset is available for anyone within the UF and UF Health community. This follows broad use of the UF Health COVID-19 patient dataset which includes records for 300,000-plus patients who presented with COVID-19-like symptoms, and were tested for COVID-19 at UF Health since Jan. 1, 2020. With pre-approval by the IRB, the protected patient information in these registries is de-identified and delivered quickly, bypassing the customary study-specific review.

For details and examples of how this data can be used, please click here for the full story along with a faculty Q&A.