Improving Students’ Eduroam Experience: Marston Spring Tabling Dates

To support the year-long educational communications initiative You’re a Gator – Not a [UF] Guest, UF Information Technology (UFIT) staff will connect with students directly through a series of campus tabling sessions. The first two tabling events are Friday, Apr. 5, and Monday, Apr. 8, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. inside Marston Science Library’s entryway. The goal of the You’re a Gator – Not a [UF] Guest initiative is to make students aware that enrolling their devices in eduroam provides the optimal campus Wi-Fi experience.

Network usage data determined that Marston Science Library is one of UF’s busiest campus spots, with thousands of students studying across the five floors daily. The data also revealed clusters of ‘ufguest’ network and personal hotspot usage among Marston’s heavy foot traffic. Personal mobile hotspots redirect the Wi-Fi signal in crowded campus areas. The ‘ufguest’ network should be used exclusively by campus visitors, because it doesn’t offer full internet access, is slower than eduroam, and is an unencrypted network.

Eduroam offers up to 10x’s faster connectivity than the ‘ufguest’ network and is the campus standard for secure network access . Also, by enrolling their devices in eduroam, campus members won’t have to re-configure every 24 hours as required on ‘ufguest’. Come see our team, get configured to eduroam, and grab a free sticker! If you miss us, don’t worry. You can always stop by the UFIT Help Desk at 132 Hub (across from Starbucks) or call 352-392-HELP for Wi-Fi configuration support.

Encouraging Students to Enroll Devices in Eduroam

This month, UF Information Technology (UFIT) is launching a proactive educational and communication initiative aimed at enhancing student awareness and utilization of eduroam.

This initiative was conceived in response to student feedback regarding the quality and accessibility of Wi-Fi in the university’s public areas, particularly in the UF libraries.  After thorough testing conducted by UFIT staff, it was determined that the Wi-Fi infrastructure in the libraries is operating as intended. Further analysis indicated that students can significantly enhance their Wi-Fi experience by making two simple adjustments: enrolling their devices in the eduroam service and deactivating their smartphone’s hot spot. Thus the three messaging “drumbeats” are the focus of the campaign:

  1. You’re a Gator—not a [UF] Guest! Enroll in eduroam.
  2. Get on eduroam for up to 10X’s faster internet!
  3. DYK? Your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot interferes with the Wi-Fi campus signal.

Another benefit students will see upon enrolling in eduroam is they won’t have to re-register every 24 hours to use the UF Guest Wi-Fi. Device registration eliminates the need to do that, while also providing the most secure connection available.

Outreach support for the You’re a Gator–not a [UF] Guest! campaign includes monitor images, multiple videos, a social media campaign, signage in strategic, student gathering locations, and tabling events. Campaign materials (e.g., monitor images, videos, and stickers) will be made available to UF’s colleges and divisions, to help spread the word. Anyone with questions about the campaign is welcome to contact UFIT Communications.