Building Pedagogically Sound Courses

UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology & Training (CITT) is offering its two-day Course Mapping Camp in person on December 8-9. This hands-on workshop is designed to help instructors build a pedagogically sound blueprint for any course.  Dr. Breann Garbas, clinical assistant professor and physician assistant in UF’s School of Physician Assistant Studies gained valuable insights by attending the Course Mapping Camp:

“I would absolutely recommend that other faculty attend Course Mapping, because you don’t realize the holes your course potentially has until you line up all of your objectives and see if you have an assessment that matches up with each of those objectives.”

Led by experienced instructional designers, the Course Mapping Camp begins with student learning outcomes, moving from course goals to the development of specific and measurable learning objectives. Next, instructors design student learning experiences and identify assessments, learning materials, and activities that support defined learning outcomes. Throughout the workshop, CITT instructors provide guidance and feedback to ensure alignment between goals, objectives, and assessments.

Visit UFIT’s Course Mapping Camp page for more details and to register.  After registering, a workshop facilitator will email you the schedule prior to the start date. Instructors with questions about this workshop or any of the CITT’s trainings may use the form.  Just click the radial “Training & Workshops” button and a member of the instructional design team will get back with you forthwith!