Focusing on Your Future

The 2023 Tech Fair is focused on AI and your future, and the university’s, too:

Ever wish you had a crystal ball that would display what your future career looked like? There are no fortune tellers at the Tech Fair, but AI art generators will be. UFIT staff will help you use to create works of art that show the future of UF and your career. Stop by to participate in the AI art contest and you might just win a Roku Streaming Stick!

For all undergrads, regardless of major, one thing you need to understand before applying for jobs or internships is how AI is used to review applications. The Career Connections Center (C3) staff will meet with you to address items related to AI in your career search. Staff will provide resume examples and discuss the importance of keywords for applicant tracking systems or ATS. The C3 will also discuss using the LinkedIn platform to students’ advantage. They’ll also have some really helpful handouts at their tent, so be sure to stop by. Visit the Tech Fair website for more information. See you on Feb. 22, Gators!

Build Your Online Profile with Free Expert Help

Plan on attending the 2022 Tech Fair (Feb. 23-24, 11am-1pm). Whether you need to boost your LinkedIn, e-Portfolio, or GitHub profile (or all three!), UFIT and Career Connections Center (C3) experts will be available to help you. See you on Tech Plaza!

At the e-Portfolio tent, connect with UFIT’s technical experts to figure out which platform will be easiest for you to manage. C3 coaches will also be there to support you with:
Organizing the content shared in your e-Portfolio
Showcasing your experiences in a meaningful way
Translating your past experiences to highlight your skills

AI and the Job Search
Career Connections Center staff will also be in the UF Informatics Institute to help you:
Understand how AI is utilized in the job search process
Customize your application materials to maximize your job search
Explore strategies for interviewing through virtual and AI platforms

UFIT scientist and training lead Matt Gitzendanner will also be in the UF Informatics Institute. Leverage his expertise with Git and GitHub to maximize your GitHub profile!

In the LinkedIn tent, get expert advice on courses to watch that can strengthen your market viability. Additionally, C3 staff can assist with:
Completing your LinkedIn profile
Maximizing your connections and build your network
Exploring potential careers through the UF Alumni search and other LinkedIn tools