Encryption Feature Available in O365

UF’s GatorMail (O365) service includes an easy and fast way to encrypt email. Encryption protects the privacy of an email message and its attachments by converting the contents from readable text into scrambled text. When you encrypt the email, only the recipient(s) who have the encryption key can unscramble the message and read what you sent. Anyone without the corresponding private key–like an unintended recipient or cyberthief–sees only indecipherable text. UFIT recently completed a project to migrate UF mailboxes to O365, known as GatorMail. Within GatorMail is a new button called Encrypt. (See story image.) Here’s how to use:

1. In an email message, choose Options on the navigation menu and select Encrypt.
2. Choose the encryption restrictions you want the message to have, such as Encrypt-Only or Do Not Forward.

Visit https://www.mail.ufl.edu/‘s “Managing Email” section for more information on how encryption works and other secure emailing tips.