Anti-Plagiarism Service Available for Faculty and Graduate Students

Combing through thousands of thesis pages takes time and effort, but iThenticate can detect plagiarism in less than a minute.

The iThenticate anti-plagiarism service is available free for faculty and graduate students through UFIT’s campus-wide contract. Ithenticate scans documents word by word, cross-checking them with a database of more than 34 billion archived Web pages, 92 million published works, and 36 million scholarly articles. Many government organizations use Ithenticate to review funding proposals and documents, including the NIH, NSF, and the EPA.

Since the iThenticate service “went live” at UF in 2011, nearly 2,000 documents totaling 17,679 pages have been submitted for evaluation. To use, go to the LSS website, open Research Tools, click on iThenticate, and click on Request an Account. After the completed form is submitted, a member of the e-Learning staff will set up an account and notify the requester, typically within 24 hours of the request.

Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism service for undergraduate coursework review, is also available. Email UFIT’s e-Learning Support Services team with your questions about iThenticate or any other online learning support need.