Course Design Assistance for Summer 2023

It’s that time of semester again! Instructors: please contact UFIT as soon as possible if you’d like to work with an instructional designer (ID) at the Center for Instructional Technology & Training to develop or revise a course for Summer 2023. Our IDs would love to work with you to develop or revise a traditional, flipped, hybrid, or online course or flipped advising site.

If you would like to develop some aspects of your course but can’t commit to a full development, UFIT will work with you to create a custom development plan for just the items you want to focus on. The CITT staff can work with an instructor for a week or a few months–we’ll maximize the time you have available–to develop assessments, course content, videos, or any combination of our services.

Visit UFIT’s instructional design page to learn about the CITT services, or complete the “request assistance form” if you’d like an ID to contact you.