Using Tech to Enhance Wellness

While campus is beginning its return to a lively and populated place, many activities are still curtailed. This can lead to loneliness and feelings of isolation that impact physical and emotional health. Online resources and apps for mental and physical wellbeing are available to the UF community. Here are some tech-enabled options to help you achieve a better sense of wellbeing and connection with other Gators:

1. SilverCloud
UF’s Counseling and Wellness Center offers a free version of the SilverCloud app for students. SilverCloud provides self-guided programs and interactive tools for mindfulness meditation. The app also has tools for life balance and time management.
2. RecSports Virtual Fitness Series
To keep Gators connected and active, RecSports released a virtual fitness series led by certified trainers. Take these free, virtual workout and yoga classes at your own pace to generate endorphins and stay active each day.
3. Online Group Counseling
Share your experiences with a small group of peers and a counselor, who facilitates the conversation. The Counseling and Wellness Center offers weekly talk groups via Zoom for Black, women, LatinX, and graduate students. The CWC also hosts weekly talk groups on connecting with others through creative activities and through nature.