Change Coming to Email Login Experience

GRAPHIC: GatorMail Web Identifier

Modern Authentication will be enabled for supported email clients on Sunday, Sept. 26. This change is necessary to strengthen UF’s security posture: “Modern Auth” provides a more secure login experience and allows usage of multi-factor authentication for supported email clients.

How Does This Change the User Experience?
Anyone who uses an email client that supports Modern Auth will initially see a change in their login experience. After Sept. 26, users will receive a prompt similar to the webpage. Users of MS Teams, or the Outlook for iOS/Android login procedure, will be familiar with this new experience. When Modern Auth is implemented, users will also validate with multi-factor authentication. Once successfully authenticated, users will not be prompted for a password again until:

1. Their GatorLink password is changed or expires.
2. Their supported email client is inactive for more than 90 days.

What is NOT happening?
Basic authentication is NOT being disabled. UF email clients using basic authentication (e.g., IMAP and older versions of Outlook) will continue to work as expected.

Whenever a change is made to email, there is always a concern that someone may inadvertently fall victim to email scams intended to steal UF login credentials. Anyone with questions or concerns about the legitimacy of an email should contact the UF Computing Help Desk (132 HUB,, 352-392-HELP/4357).