Increase Equitable Access: NameCoach

GRAPHIC: namecoach logo

Two of UF’s core values are inclusion and community and implementing NameCoach makes the UF community safer, more welcoming, and more inclusive. NameCoach is an online tool that provides students, faculty, and staff the ability to record the pronunciation of their names and enter their gender pronouns. Funding of this service is through the Technology Fee Academic Innovation Grant (“Tech Fee“) program, with an initial three-year campus-wide license.

Utilizing NameCoach is an opportunity to strengthen a sense of belonging and togetherness and makes UF’s learning environment more inclusive by honoring the differences in identities of the Gator community. Available in e-Learning, NameCoach enables correct name pronunciation–an important step for an institution with 15,000+ minority students and nearly 6,000 international students.

UFIT published a webpage with tips for using NameCoach. Instructional faculty who would like help incorporating NameCoach into a course may request a consultation with the Center for Instructional Technology and Training.