Supporting Students with New Online Services and Upgrades

PHOTO: Two female students posing in front of French Fries sculpture in Turlington/Tech Plaza. University of Florida.

The university’s fiscal year closed on June 30. A review of UFIT’s project portfolio shows many projects completed in FY23 designed to support student success. Among these, the following efforts show how UF prioritizes not just academic achievement, but accessibility, whole health well being, and financial aid support:

Implemented Scholarship Universe, matching students to thousands of UF and non-UF opportunities, and helping students apply for and receive scholarship awards quickly and easily
Developed an academic distress monitor that identifies undergraduates as early as week two of a term those likely to be placed upon academic probation or who might withdraw from the university
Supported 71 Quest program faculty by developing Coaching for Student Success, a resource hub to connect advising and staff who support coaching in different capacities
Implemented Graduway, a networking system allowing students to match up with mentors in UF’s network
Launched Whole Gator, a mobile application to curate programs and information to maximize student wellness
Advanced the Disability Resource Center (DRC) functions within Gator360. Advancements include a method for academic advisors to view students’ testing and academic accommodations created and managed by the DRC, giving academic advisors direct access to DRC accommodations data for the first time