Deeper Interactions at 2022 Tech Fair

PHOTO: Male student attending 2022 Tech Fair, University of Florida

The 2022 Tech Fair focused on helping students get to the next level. Whether that level is a full-time job or a space in their preferred graduate program, campus technology experts spent quality time helping students advance their dreams for the future.

“I was familiar with GitHub before Tech Fair, but Dr. [Matt] Gitzendanner helped me to learn new tools to make my profile stand out,” said junior Mario Molina. “I am excited to add my resume to my profile and keep growing my GitHub skills.”

UFIT partnered with the Career Connections Center to provide professional job hunting expertise in the Tech Fair tents. A goal of this year’s Tech Fair was to have deeper interactions with students. To achieve that, the event was extended to two days. Additionally, UFIT developed a student satisfaction survey and collected feedback on potential additions to ONE.UF. UFIT staff also solicited opinions on designs for future learning spaces. Sophomore Sherrine Fils-Aime really enjoyed this particular component of Tech Fair:

“Future-planning for classroom accessibility was very useful because I was able to produce
a classroom design that would be more functional and accessible to students with all learning capabilities.”

Anyone with questions about the 2022 Tech Fair, or who has suggestions for next year’s event, is welcome to email UFIT Communications.