Introducing UF’s Link Shortener Service

GRAPHIC: URL link shortener service logo

Faculty and staff can now utilize, the University of Florida’s new URL shortener service. UFIT developed the service for use within the UF digital ecosphere, such as online documentation, emails, websites and blogs, and in social media posts.

The UF link shortener can only be used with designated UF-owned web pages: those ending in “” and “,” and pages inside UF’s Zoom, Qualtrics, SharePoint, Gator360, and ExLibris environments. Using creates a more secure web environment for UF than a commercial link shortener that restricts which URLs can be shortened.  The service reduces the risk of spoofed websites and other harmful links entering the UF network. Even with the reduction in spoofed websites and other online dangers, users should still employ reasonable safeguards when clicking on links.

More information is available on