Training Available for Setting Up T4 Website

Looking for best practices to help you with TERMINALFOUR (T4) site setup? UFIT developed self-guided training that campus power users can refer to whenever they need to refresh their skills: Best Practices for T4 Site Set Up.

The Best Practices training explains how to stand up a T4 site using the official UF template. This training is designed to give power users a deeper understanding of the TERMINALFOUR environment components, including page layouts, page content, and site configuration. It also enables viewers to become familiar with UF digital standards for the web and how to apply best practices for managing their website in TERMINALFOUR. A prerequisite for taking Best Practices is to have completed the Web Developer (Technical) UF_ITT332_CUR training. Visit the Getting Started with T4 to learn more, including what ARS security roles are needed to manage content in UF’s T4 environment.

UFIT has several online and instructor-led TERMINALFOUR trainings available, including one focused on managing the ‘contributor’ and ‘moderator’ roles. Visit UF’s myTraining site and search on “T4” to see a list of T4 offerings. Anyone with questions about T4 training or maintaining your site is welcome to email for assistance.