Storage Allocation Changing: UF Google Drive

Effective December 31, 2022, Google is applying a storage limitation to UF’s Google Workspace for Education. To prepare for this change, on November 15, UFIT will implement a per user storage quota on UF Google Drives of 5 GB. All UF Google Drive users must move or delete content to get at or below 5 GB before November 15.

Anyone with 5 GB or more will see their UF Google Drive reduced to “read-only” status. This means users will still be able to access their data, but will not be able to add new or update existing content. Users can use the Google Takeout tool to download content and store it in another location such as UF’s Microsoft OneDrive (students, faculty, and staff), or UF Dropbox (faculty and staff). Please consider the data you are moving–is it PHI or other protected data? If so, then it should be moved to another UF-protected service. (Personal data can be moved to a personal Google account or other storage resource.) Follow the instructions in the Google documentation linked below for the two options to download content:

Download your data into an archive
Copy your data to another Google Account

For more information, please reach out to your local IT support staff or the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357,