Protecting Your Smartphone

Mobile malware is malicious software that targets mobile devices. Widespread ownership and constant daily usage of smartphones make them an ideal target for cybercriminals trying to steal personal information, money, or gain control of a device. Zimperium’s 2023 Global Mobile Threat Report notes a 53% increase in malware affecting cellphones in 2022.

Vulnerabilities in the operating system and activities such as rooting or jailbreaking are the most common means for getting a malware infection. Never jailbreak or root your phone, because the device’s built-in security controls will be disabled. And do not download third-party apps from outside official Apple and Android stores because they are not vetted for malicious content.

Stay cyber-aware, Gators! Did you know anti-malware software is available for most smartphones? Spend 20 minutes to better protect your phone – along with your money and personal information – by reviewing these webpages:

1. Visit UFIT’s ‘protect my mobile device page’ and learn about enabling encryption, turning on automatic updates, and more.
2. Use the Security Checkup feature in DUO’s mobile app to review your phone’s security settings.