Securely Disposing of UF Records and Media

The secure destruction of paper, electronic records, and media containing restricted data is required at the University of Florida. Failure to properly dispose of documents and media, such as hard drives, USBs, and CDs, that hold restricted data can cause significant risk to UF and its faculty, students, and staff.

UF’s process for disposal of records is clearly articulated to ensure compliance. Faculty and staff should know that different media types (e.g., paper, CD, files stored on encrypted hard drives, etc.) have different destruction methods. The Securely Deleting Electronic and Paper Records webpage includes a chart with a complete list of media types and disposal methods. If your department is moving or has a need to dispose of a significant volume of paper files, UF Procurement Services offers bulk-shredding services for university records as well as media that is required to be destroyed.

Anyone with questions about working with, or the process for deleting electronic and paper records that contain restricted data, may email the UF Information Security Office.