Expansive Research Training Schedule Announced

More than 30 training sessions are scheduled this spring to aid researchers, students, and lab members of UF’s research community:

Spring 2022 RC Training Schedule

The schedule was developed to support both new and advanced users.  Session topics range from the basics of establishing an account and submitting a job on HiPerGator to utilizing Parabricks, submitting SLURM scripts,  and running graphical applications. There is also training scheduled on using Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Notebooks and for hosting code and collaborating with git/github.com.  Both beginner and intermediate Practicum AI workshops will be offered online.  All UFIT research computing trainings are free.

UFIT can also host group classes for a lab or department, or arrange a 1-on-1 consultation to discuss training needs. Anyone with questions about training to enable HiPerGator use is welcome to contact Dr. Matt Gitzendanner, training team lead for research.