UF’s Cyber Security Framework Program

UF’s Information Security Office, in partnership with the Office of Internal Audit and Office of Compliance and Ethics Program, introduced the Cyber Security Framework Program (UFCSF) on July 1. Planned and implemented in response to an audit sponsored by Florida’s Board of Governors, the Cyber Security Framework Program heightens UF’s ability to identify, protect, detect, respond, and ultimately recover from cybersecurity incidents.

The Cyber Security Framework program will provide a high-level view of the operational maturity of units across campus, which are then rolled up into a university-wide maturity rating. This information collected will be used to:

Develop a unified view of the university’s information security environment
Discover gaps in enterprise cybersecurity processes and technology
Create university-wide solutions that reduce risk and increase cybersecurity maturity

The UFCSF program is modeled on the National Institute of Standards and Technology cybersecurity framework and tailored for the university’s OneIT model. Surveys are now being sent quarterly to UF’s 16 colleges and administrative units to evaluate their current processes for protecting computing assets and data, and for assessing risk. More information on the UF’s Cyber Security Framework program is online. Anyone with questions may email the UFCSF program team.