Start Your AI Journey with the GAITOR Club

GRAPHIC: The AI GAITOR Club logo, University of Florida

As UF’s first AI-focused student organization, the GAITOR Club integrates learning and engineering to help students understand artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of the organization is for members to engineer real-world business and marketing solutions using AI applications.

“There is a starting place for everyone in AI,” said Cole Johnson, president of the GAITOR Club. “AI is often associated with being complicated, but the GAITOR Club wants to simplify that gap with practical applications of AI.”

To help students learn AI concepts, the GAITOR Club hosts Machine Learning Mondays and AI days, open to students across UF. The organization also offers AI training courses. On the engineering side, students can dive into AI concepts each semester in four collaborative teams: art, natural language processing, hardware, and thought-model analysis. Using HiPerGator AI, each team creates products to analyze data and influence business decisions. Patrick Lehman, head of the natural language processing team, focuses on providing valuable applications for a range of clients:

“I recognize the privilege in being able to produce AI-oriented projects with motivated people. Being a member of the GAITOR Club allows me to produce applications to value.”

Students regardless of year or major can begin their AI journey with the GAITOR Club. Follow the GAITOR Club on Instagram for information on their networking events and outreach activities.