Collaborate with NVIDIA Center at UF

GRAPHIC: UF Block Monogram with green-blue background

University of Florida researchers have the opportunity to collaborate with NVIDIA experts to accelerate their workflow, improve performance on algorithms, and have regular consults during their project. The NVIDIA AI Technology Center at UF (NVAITC) is a joint research center of UF and NVIDIA, with a mission to advance artificial intelligence education and research. The NVAITC is the first in the U.S. and enables UF’s researchers access to NVIDIA experts and be early adopters of NVIDIA’s advanced technologies.

Both research groups and individual researchers are eligible to apply. The NVAITC is university-wide so faculty from any college or department are welcome to become an NVAITC collaborator.

Interested in working with the NVAITC? Begin the process by contacting UF Site Manager Kaleb Smith. Dr. Smith is a senior data scientist with NVIDIA and evaluates prospective collaborations. For additional information or to request a consultation about the process, please email UFIT Research Computing’s AI Team Lead Ying Zhang.