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Using the New UF Interim-Design Templates

New UF web page template

In November, 2011, the University of Florida Web governance committee authorized an interim “refresh” of the UF homepage design.

This design is slated for use through spring, 2012. Two templates (WordPress and HTML5) based on this interim design will be released for campus use in January.

Workshops are scheduled to assist campus (faculty, researchers, students, and staff) with using either the WordPress or HTML version. The first workshop, scheduled for January 27, is designed for a technical audience and appropriate for someone in an IT payroll classification or with an equivalent knowledge-base of Web technologies. The second workshop, scheduled for February 3, is designed for communications, administrative staff, and others who support their area’s Web presence with content updates or simple code changes, but who may not be involved in more advanced Web activities. Pre-registration for either workshop is required.

To register for a workshop visit:

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