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Upgrade to UF Email Login Page Includes URL Decoder

SCREEN SHOT: Long link in defense decoder tool shown with its decoded URL

UF’s Outlook Web Access web page was recently upgraded in the t4 template. As part of the refreshed look to, UFIT also added a new tool: The URL Defense decoder. The URL Defense decoder is a simple to use tool that helps protect UF from malicious links in emails that come from outside of the university. 

You may have noticed the long, rewritten URLs in emails that begin with “”  These long URLs help track and block clicks to malicious web pages.  The decoder tool lets you see what the original URL was prior to it being rewritten and helps you to make a determination about a link’s veracity.

Although this is an excellent new resource for checking the legitimacy of a link, it is not foolproof. The UF community should be ever-mindful of where they enter GatorLink credentials or any personal information. Anyone with questions about using the URL Defense tool or whether an email is legitimate should contact the UF Computing Help Desk (132 Hub, 352-392-HELP/4357,