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SCREENSHOT: New UFIT homepage that went live on April 11, 2017.

UFIT moved to T4 on April 11. Several design enhancements came with the migration, including:

  • A streamlined portal approach to our services and support features, rather than by department or unit
  • Two search features on the site: a primary (in center of homepage) search box for UFIT’s service catalog and the traditional UF-Google search box in the top right of the page
  • A more prominent link at the top of the page for the Help Desk
  • Fewer visuals and sections competing for the viewer’s attention

The main change to be aware of is how to access the /gatorcloud site. The gatorcloud page is available via the SERVICES tab on the top navigation menu or by typing in Gatorcloud in either of the search boxes. (The established page will redirect from our new T4 site.)

UFIT’s new site is the result of studying what is “term of the art” in university site design and incorporating these findings with the content most important to our community. Anyone with questions about site navigation are welcome to contact the 24/7 UF Computing Help Desk for assistance.