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Process Underway to Select Web Content Management System

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The evaluation process is underway to select a primary Web Content Management System (WCMS) for UF.

Web Content Management Systems allow Web site authoring and provide administration tools, so campus users not versed in Web programming can easily create and manage online content. This spring, the Web Services Advisory Committee appointed a task force comprised of faculty and staff to evaluate WCMS options. Led by Eric Olson, Director, Information Technology Support Programs for the Warrington College of Business, the task force reviewed numerous WCMS based on:

• Ease of use for maintaining Web content
• Quality and power of features needed for Web developers
• Effort required to migrate from current systems
• Compatibility with Mobile devices
• Ability to integrate the social media, analytics, and marketing needs of the university

The evaluation process included information compiled on WCMS by the Academic Health Center and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. A campus survey conducted this spring elicited additional usage information and feedback. Based on the established criteria and input received, the WCMS with the highest overall rankings are Oracle WebCenter, TerminalFour, and Adobe Web Experience Manager. The task force report was accepted by the Web Services Advisory Committee and will now go to the IT Policy Council for review.

Questions about the selection process? Email Web Services Advisory Committee chair Dan Williams or task force chair Eric Olson.

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