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Ensuring Accessibility of UF’s Online Resources

Drawing of wheelchair-bound man utilizing assistive device on his pC

Making University of Florida online resources accessible to everyone, regardless of physical limitation, is not only important to UF’s mission of teaching and learning–it’s the law. All UF websites must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), specifically the federal Section 508 standards, which outline Web accessibility requirements.

Some people with disabilities use assistive devices, which are technologies that allow a person with limited or no use of their limbs, or who is sight-impaired, to use a computer. Meeting ADA requirements so people using assistive technologies can access online resources are easy to implement, such as:

• Including “Alt” tags on all images and buttons
• Making time restraints (i.e, the time allotted to enter information into a screen) flexible
• Eliminating text that flickers, blinks, or scrolls

More tips are on UFIT’s Web Services Accessibility Recommendations page and on the UF Accessibility Website. A great training video called “ Web Accessibility Principles” is available on, which is free for any member of the UF community. Faculty and staff with questions about designing accessible sites may email Web Services.