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Course Captioning Services

Transcriptionist on computer

As UF Online continues to expand, UFIT’s transcriptionists are working behind the scenes, captioning courses for the 11 bachelor’s degrees offered.

Since fall 2013, UFIT has supported UF Online with captioning services for six courses, including Applied Human Anatomy, Principles of Sociology, Leisure in Contemporary Society, and History of Criminology. Six courses may not sound like a lot, but the College Algebra course alone is comprised of more than 160 videos!

The transcription process involves extensive research to ensure the text is accurate. Once a lecture has been transcribed, the text is matched up with the instructor’s video lecture. A one-hour video lecture can take up to eight hours to transcribe and caption. In 2014, UFIT transcriptionists captioned more than 130 hours of faculty-recorded lectures.

UFIT provides transcription services when requested through the CITT or UF’s Disability Resource Center. Faculty can also request transcription and captioning services directly via this online form. Please email Kim Standifer, manager, UF Web Services, to learn more about UFIT transcription and captioning support.