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Undergraduate Catalog Now Published Using SharePoint Technology

students enjoying summer preview event

UF’s undergraduate catalog is now published using MicroSoft SharePoint 2010. SharePoint allows colleges to update content in their sections directly, instead of sending new or updated material to a central editor.

Process improvements gained with the catalog’s move to SharePoint include:

  1. Role-based access via GatorLink authentication allows unit-owned pages to be       updated by authorized staff.
  2. Workflow permissions developed for use with the catalog provide approvals needed       for each page by the necessary staff at the college, registrar, and university levels.
  3. Dramatic reduction in time and effort required to update content and curriculum       changes, due to automation of administrative processes.

Publication was the culmination of a four-year project to migrate the catalog from a single-editor controlled environment to a content management system. The undergraduate course catalog is jointly managed by the Office of the Provost and Office of the Registrar, with platform and systems maintained by UFIT staff in Enterprise Systems and CNS. Contact Vicki Clifford for more information about the catalog project.