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UF Wins Best Practices Award for myinvestiGator

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UF won the 2015 Best Practices Award for myinvestiGator at the 2015 Southern Association of College and University Business Officers (SACUBO) annual meeting. The award is given to institutions whose efforts create better, more efficient, customer-friendly business practices.

The myinvestiGator (myIG) tool is designed to increase accountability, transparency, and efficiency in UF’s sponsored activities. Jim Ferrer, Assistant Vice President, Finance & Planning, was on hand to accept the award and spoke about the project’s success:

“The myinvestiGator team is very proud of the version 2 product, developed via a partnership with UFIT and Mindtree. UFIT staff made sure that our functional requirements were delivered in the final product in just four months.” Ferrer also said that myIG is a success with the stakeholders it serves:

“The myIG tool has been extremely well received by our principal investigators and grant staff. It should be noted that the SACUBO recognition and $1500 award is the second award UF has received for myIG – the first was earlier this year at the statewide Davis Productivity Awards.”

Congratulations to UFIT’s myIG project team members on their excellent work in support of this project: Greg McEachern, Mei-Li Cheng, Gerald Parham, Haiquan Dai, Nicole Garvey, Armando Parra, and Don Harrison.