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UF Alert System: New Location Settings Available

UF Alert View on Cell Phone

Students, faculty, and staff can now choose location preferences for emergency alert messages sent to cell phones and UF email accounts. Since The Gator Nation reaches well beyond Gainesville, UFIT worked alongside UF Emergency Management to develop group notifications by specific location.

All myUFL users are enrolled in system-wide alerts in case of serious emergency, but you can now opt-in or out of two other groups: ‘UF Gainesville Campus’ or ‘UF Research and Academic Center’ in Orlando. Additional groups are being developed and will be added as opt-ins and opt-outs in the near future.

To update your emergency contact information and preferences, visit myUFL and navigate to: Main Menu> My Account> Update Emergency Contact

The Emergency Contact page includes your Work Location (employees only), Local Home Street Address, Primary Emergency Contact Person and UF Alert Preferences information. Only you can change what’s listed on this page, and only those responding to an emergency will have access to this information (such as the police department). A video tutorial is available for step-by-step instructions on how to change alert preferences.

Visit the UF Alert website to learn more about UF’s emergency notification system.