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Surveying Equipment and Software Devices on the UF Network

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In an effort to verify what equipment is currently in use and what may need to be replaced, UFIT is utilizing Dell’s KACE software to collect data about the devices connected to the UF Network. What devices are being surveyed by the KACE software? Devices like desktop computers, laptops, servers, printers, scanners, and multi-function devices, to name a few. Having a current view of what is in use will help the CIO’s Office make informed decisions on equipment purchases and replacement dates. By knowing what equipment needs to be replaced, UFIT may be able to negotiate lower ‘per unit’ costs on planned purchases of larger quantities of equipment. This could result in savings for colleges and departments.

Additionally, a more comprehensive view of the installed software on campus devices could lead to another cost savings–acquiring site licenses for university-wide software purchases reduces the cost of departments having to buy the software individually.

To date information on over 10,000 devices has been collected. The number of devices reporting data is expected to exceed 15,000 over the next few weeks. The project goal is to retrieve data from 20,000 devices currently connected to the UF Network by the close of the spring term.  For more information about the KACE project contact Operations Analysis director Elwood Aust.