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Sunday, Nov. 6: Updated Login Page is Live

Screen capture: New GatorLink credentials login page that went live Sunday, Nov. 6

Attention! Students, faculty, staff and others with GatorLink accounts: UF’s new login page went live this morning.

The new page matches the updated University of Florida web template that debuted during the spring semester. UFIT embarked on an extensive pre-launch campaign to inform campus about the new-look page, because of concerns that some in our community might think it’s a website spoof. Please let friends and colleagues know that the new-look page is legit if they voice any concerns. Some quick notes about the updated page:

  • The page is in place for any system or service requiring GatorLink credentials for access
  • The links for CHANGE PASSWORD, FORGOT PASSWORD, CREATE ACCOUNT, and TROUBLE SIGNING ON? are now above the Username and Password fields, instead of on the side

The UF Computing Help Desk is available 24/7 by phone (352-392-HELP/4357) or email ( to answer any questions you may have about logging in using the updated page.